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New York City’s Leading Dermatologist For 2019 | Dr. Ellen Marmur

Dr. Ellen Marmur - Office - 3

Dr. Ellen Marmur is an enigma. She’s not your average New York City dermatologist and not your average doctor. Whether you’re visiting her at one of her two Upper East Side medical offices for a cosmetic treatment or for a full body mole check, you realize when you walk-in to her office that you’ve entered a lair of beauty and passion – where a critical eye with years of medical expertise will help guide you down the path of looking and feeling your best.

Dr. Marmur is as intelligent as she is beautiful. A strikingly confidant woman, she’ll greet you with a boisterous, “Hello”, and speak with you about whatever your skin goals might be. But, don’t be fooled – beauty isn’t her only forté. She is an associate clinical professor in both the Department of Dermatology and Department of Genetics and Genomic Research at the Icahn School of Medicine at the prestigious Mount Sinai in New York. She is a double-edged sword in the field of dermatology and knows how to wield it in the most effective way possible.

Dr. Ellen Marmur - Office

Dr. Marmur worked with our creative director on achieving a few cosmetic goals – using the latest and greatest in dermatological tools that have the ability to enhance your appearance and turn back the clock in a natural way. Approaching each patient with her concept of “preservation aging”, Dr. Marmur worked with him – at the age of 37 – to replace volume that had been lost in his face due to aging, as well as strengthen his jaw and chin with dermal fillers. She chose Radiesse and Restylane and used them in tandem to build-out his cheek bones, fill-in hollows under his eyes, straighten his nose and create a stronger chin and jaw, and the results were amazing.

Dr. Ellen Marmur - Office - 2

Aside from addressing volume loss in the face of our creative director, she performed a Thermage treatment – by which a laser device heats-up the layers of skin on the face to create a tightening effect that will appear within three to six months after the initial treatment. Thermage has been extremely successful in tightening and toning people’s skin that show laxity due to aging. She also administered a chemical peel to address discoloration and brighten the complexion.

Dr. Ellen - Thermage

Dr. Marmur is unique in that aside from being a doctor, she’s also an artist. In a world where most any medical professional can administer treatments like laser or filler, it’s important to realize when choosing someone to work with that you select a doctor that has a very strong understanding of aesthetics and art – facial structure. This person must also have the imagination necessary to envision how you can be at your very best, even if it’s not blatantly obvious to you or others around you. Not everyone can do that.

This is why, with the use of fillers like Radiesse, and lasers like Thermage, patients can see incredible results when in the right hands.


Dr. Marmur also expertly uses Botox, not only to ease the appearance of lines and wrinkles, but aid in the lifting of certain facial muscles. She did this with our creative director in the forehead.

Both practices, one flagship and another, on Park Avenue, called MM2, address dermatology on a cosmetic and medical level. But, the MM2 practice is geared toward quick procedures, like a pimple injection or fast chemical peel. Dr. Marmur has used her knowledge of skin and aging, as well as her research of genes to create an innovative skincare line called Marmur Metamorphosis.


Marmur Metamorphosis is a unique skincare concept that offers products that communicate with your skin and its ever-changing needs. MMSkincare serums and masks are formulated with biodynamic plant-based active ingredients, clinically proven to work with, and optimize, your body’s own dynamic, sophisticated mechanisms of repair and rejuvenation. Adaptogens such as wild indigo and baobab extracts, pre and probiotics, photodynamic seaweed and plankton, and heat-activated deep-sea enzymes function together as an organic, incredible communication system for your healthiest skin ever.

Dr. Marmur has even released a MMSkincare app through the Apple App store, and allows you to shop, as well as track your skincare regimen.

From her medical background to her incredible personality, her caring sensibility and approach as an artist – you will not find a better skin doctor in New York City or anywhere near it. We wouldn’t trust our skin to anyone else.

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