Dubrovnik’s Best Sushi Restaurant

Finding good sushi in Croatia might seem like it would be a challenge, but that assumption is wrong. Sushi Bota, located within the walls of stunning Dubrovnik, has utilized their seafront locale and access to some of the freshest fish on the market to bring delicious Japanese sushi, with a Croatian touch, to diners in the city.

The owner of the restaurant is a Croatian man who spends much of his time on the sea. With access of the best fish in the Adriatic and incredible oysters that the restaurant collects from their own private farm roughly an hour away, Sushi Bota is special in the dining scene and makes a delicious impact.

I recently spent a lunch at the restaurant, sipping local wines from the Peljesac peninsula and sampling the stunning sushi and fish offered here. I was thoroughly impressed, as a lover of sushi and as someone who has dined at top sushi establishments the world over. I would never claim to be an expert, but Japanese is one of my favorite cuisines, and I eat it often. Sushi Bota is a must for anyone visiting Dubrovnik. Each plate served is beautiful and delicious.