An Early Morning On One Of Stockholm’s Busiest Harbors | Reflection With Dusty’s Autumn/Winter 2014

Stockholm, translated to English, means “Log Island”. And, as the city is made-up of many islands linked by bridges, there are several corners where the Baltic Sea ebbs right into the middle of town. Near the Berns Hotel, where Stockholm Fashion Week was held, I took an early morning walk around one of the many harbors. Watching the boats go in and out with passengers and gazing at the incredible Swedish architecture was very calming and inspiring. I sat to reflect on the innovative fashion I saw and that which remained to be seen. I wore a look from one of my favorite up-and-coming Finnish designers, Dusty, which consisted of a long and oversized pair of quilted shorts and matching hoodie. I paired it with worn leather boots from Marsell and eyeglasses named “Niki”, from Swedish eyewear designer Oscar Magnuson.