Eating Your Way Through Florence | Alle Murate Restaurant

Alle Murate, an incredible restaurant/museum housed in the ancient Palazzo dell’Arte dei Giudici e Notai – once a notary for the city – welcomes guests into its stunning interior with frescos painted on the walls and ceiling, dating back to 1300. Now, that is a healthy dose of history and art with your Michelin-starred cuisine. Giovanna Iorio is the chef and, in the moment you enter, you know you’re in her beautiful and respected home away from home.

Sitting down on the main floor of the two-tiered space, I was in the prime spot to gaze out over other diners, the frescoed ceilings and kitchen, which was disguised by a wall of running water – very soothing. I was immediately welcomed with a lovely glass of prosecco, a nice touch. From the moment the three-person procession began to greet me at my table and take my order, all was well. I opted for the chef’s tasting, which Ms. Iorio executed to perfection.

There was a welcome of ricotta flan with an herbal reduction, homemade pasta with cuttlefish, pork loin and more. A wine pairing was matched effortlessly with each of the many courses, and it only enhanced my experience. Vintages from varying regions in Italy delighted the pallet. I finished the meal with a fantastic chocolate mousse cake. Ms. Iorio only uses local and seasonal ingredients so your meal is guaranteed to be very Tuscan and very fresh.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, it all went so smoothly. My only regret is that I didn’t have time to really tour the property after dinner and learn more about the important heritage of the space. But, there’s always next time. And, with that flavor embedded in my mind, there will definitely be a next time.