Eating Your Way Through Tenerife |Indulging In Canarian Wine

It has been said the wine from Tenerife was enjoyed after the United States’ Declaration of Independence was signed. Then it was known as a “false Madeira” – in an effort not to tie the wine to the Canary Islands due to various reasons. But, Benjamin Franklin enjoyed it immensely and it was a rare and special product not available to many.

Not much has changed today as the wine from Tenerife is at an all time high in terms of quality. And, because of limited land and vineyards, each bottle is a precious gem in the international wine market. Canarian wine is special because the weather and soil provide ideal growing conditions for different varieties of grapes. Unlike many regions of more known wine producing areas like Bordeaux and Tuscany, Tenerife offers exciting and exotic blends using Malvasia and Listán Blanco grapes. Each variety has a unique flavor and twist.

When visiting Tenerife, be sure to explore the vineyards and their offerings. You’ll see exactly why the region’s wines are so special.