A Restored Manor Museum In Vukovar | Eltz Manor

On the outskirts of the town of Vukovar, the beautifully restored Eltz Manor sits housing a museum in both its interior, storied facade and stunning grounds. The manor was built in the mid 1700’s by the House of Eltz – who were descendants of the Arch-chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire. The family lived here in the kingdom of Slavonia, which was part of the Habsburg Monarchy. After living in the manor for quite some time, the Eltz family was eventually forced out by the Communist government – and the manor fell into disrepair.

In the early 1990’s, during the War of Independence, Eltz Manor was almost destroyed as the facade was riddled with bullets and the roof bombed. It stood as a shell of what it once was in its glory days and needed a great deal of love and care to bring it back to life. This is exactly what it received. Today, after reopening in 2012, the manor houses a museum of varied generations and time periods in the Slavonia region – chronicling everything from the Ice Age in the region to the war of 1991. You can walk from room to room, each fresco and work of art painstakingly restored, and literally walk through Croatia and the region of Slavonia’s past going back thousands of years. It’s truly remarkable.