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Dr. Emanuel Layliev

On East 71st Street, in Manhattan, sits a haven for cosmetic dentistry, where one can come and make their dream smile a reality. Dr. Emanuel Layliev, one of New York’s preeminent cosmetic dentists, is at the helm of a practice that offers everything under the sun, including the latest technology, for helping turn your okay smile into a work of art.

I am a client of Dr. Layliev and can vouch for his professionalism, skill and expertise in the world of teeth. His staff members are attentive, careful and smart – all which help make your dental experience that much better. Whether you’re making an appointment for a routine check-up, a zoom whitening session or a consultation for veneers – Dr. Layliev’s Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is a treasure trove of dental fun.

I interviewed the doctor on his ethos and practice, to help gain insight into how he operates.

IC: What is your ethos or mantra as a dentist?

DL: To provide exceptional care using an artistic touch in a non-threatening, soothing, state-of-the-art atmosphere, gleaming with passion in what I produce!

IC: Why did you decide to become a dentist?

DL: I Always loved working with my hands assembling, and grew up always drawing and building auto models. I Envisioned providing medical care and achieving immediate gratifying results. I Wished for a profession with boundless autonomy and control over each step of the journey.

IC: What is your favorite cosmetic dental procedure and why?

DL: Recreating what nature intended with materials that emulate a beautiful smile, achieved with either porcelain veneers or composite bondings. Doing this in an individualized and in a customized fashion, unique to ones hopes and personality. Both methods demand a precise hand with a sharp eye in a very meticulous, systematic fashion. Each smile makeover case is different and I love the challenges inherent in personalized attention.

IC: What procedure do you offer that will make the most drastic difference in someone’s smile?

DL: A makeover in anti-aging, whereby a smile is transformed to reverse the many years of aging that resulted in the disappearance of one’s smile due to wear, chipping, darkening, shifting and spacing. By lengthening teeth and building out to thicken and widen a smile, brightening the teeth, and help support wrinkled facial skin and thinning lips.

IC: What is your favorite dental technology currently on the market?

DL: By far a new laser that is able to loosen out porcelain veneers that are worthy of replacement in a quick and atraumatic way, replacing the need of using a high speed drill to file off.

IC: What is your favorite type of dental patient in terms of personality or case?

DL: He or she appreciates the aftermath most and what it took to arrive there, from the smallest subtle nuance to the most involved transformation.