A Farm To Table Dining Experience In Helsinki | Emo Restaurant

In the middle of Helsinki sits a small gastropub, known for its fresh, farm-to-table cuisine that delights both locals and visitors’ pallets. Ilkka Lääveri, the heart and soul of the restaurant kitchen, worked with his partners to create an experience that is simply about good food, prepared in traditional Finnish and international styles. As you enter the restaurant, you’re struck by the obvious Scandinavian aesthetic, minimal wooden tables and wooden chairs – all natural materials. But, the clever touches make it stand out instantly. Napkins hang from small hooks on the tables, dishes are likened to earthenware, as they seem to be made of and painted with a neutral color scheme. Small rosemary plants dot the tables and bread is served in brown paper bags.

The dinner experience at Emo is swift and efficient. Wait staff are attentive but not overly ready to fawn over you. Diners are left to enjoy their meal, bite by bite, taking-in the clean flavors of each course. You’ll find crab cakes, grilled salmon,salads and more on the menu, as it changes daily to reflect what’s in season. Emo is waiting to be discovered by a big, international food critic but, until then, it will have to remain or little Nordic secret.