Trancoso’s Luxury Garden Getaway | Etnia Pousada

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Trancoso, Brazil isn’t a place that is unknown – but it’s not on everyone’s map. A stunning, well-preserved fishing village in the Northern Brazilian state of Bahia, this town is Brazil’s answer to St. Tropez and is much loved by Brazilians, “in-the-know” Americans and Europeans, as well as a few celebrities, like Anderson Cooper, who has a home here.

There are many hotels in the area, stretching along the beach and into the farmlands and jungle – but Etnia Pousada takes the prize as the best luxury garden hotel. Located a short walk into town, this hotel unfolds behind gates that open off the cobblestone street. A path leads you down to a private pool area, where guests a spend the day sunning under dappled light, gazing-up at the towering palms and sipping fresh coconut water.

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There are no “rooms” in sight, but homes, or small villas that blend into the jungle. These little pousadas are designed beautifully and are the perfect respite for those who need to seriously unplug.

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Decorated with Bahian treasures, using rich fabrics, rugs, textiles and furnishings – you can’t help but be inspired by your surroundings. The homes are large and can host anything from a couple to a large family.

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The pousadas are outfitted with everything from towels, luxe bedding, full-sized kitchens, libraries and more. You can literally walk-in to this place, drop your bags and feel right at home, never needing to leave. But, that would be criminal in Trancoso.

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My pousada offered a large dining tabel, perfect for dinner parties or intimate dinners with newfound friends.

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I loved that the staff had fresh candles in every room so they could be lit at night. The pousada featured an outdoor terrace on the ground floor, as well as one on the top floor – with views over the property.

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I often walked into town a picked-up a few bottles of wine, snacks and fruit to keep in the kitchen. Etnia Pousada offers a full breakfast – which is delicious. But, for those who want to just snack at home – that’s easily done.

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I don’t think I’ve ever slept better. Each night, after coming home from a night in the quadrado, I found my bed turned-down, mosquito net up and wooden shades drawn, the perfect sleep environment.

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I have to say that is there were ever a picture of peace, it’s here. The staff are there for your convenience – but aren’t obtrusive. Etnia Pousada is a place to be comfortable, relax and just chill. Have dinner by the pool one night – a delicious journey through traditional Bahian cooking. I can’t wait to return.

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