Every Man’s International Fashion Week Grooming Necessity | The Clarisonic Smart Profile

Jetting from one fashion week to the next, at a time when menswear shows are stacked back-to-back, can be exhausting. Whether you’re hopping from the London Men’s Collections to Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy, or running through the streets of Milan to catch your flight to Paris – your skin can take a beating. Any gentleman on the go needs something that will keep him looking his very best during these tiring times, both on the road and at home. That “something” is the Clarisonic Smart Profile.

Clarisonic is known for their dermatologist-endorsed, cult-favorite facial skin cleansing devices. But, what if I told you they also offer something that works on both your face and your body. The Smart Profile is one of their best products due to its ability to apply its smart technology to utilize the two brush heads, adjusting between gentle and deep cleaning. The speed of the brush auto-adjusts to your face and body, knowing exactly when and where to kick-in the extra elbow grease. But it does all the work for you – no effort from you.

The device features amplified turbo speed which maximizes pressure and effectiveness of the brush head to remove dirt and grime like never before. And, the replacement indicator illuminates when your brush head is ready to be replaced. This device is worth the $265 investment, and is perfect to travel with. One good charge can allow the device to last one week without re-charging.

After your face, the Smart Profile will easily slough-off every millimeter of dry and dead skin from your body. You might find yourself in the shower longer than usual, but, there’s always a price to pay for vanity. In this case, it’s worth it. The Clarisonic Smart Profile is, simply put, the best.