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Explore Madeira’s Jurassic Park-Esque Side


Many are unaware that Madeira is basically a giant garden – filled to the brim with endemic plant and flower species found nowhere else in the world. As a remote island, it’s not uncommon that one would find a plant or two that do not exist elsewhere, but it’s rare that one place can offer the variety that Madeira does.


One experience any visitor must have is a jeep tour through the island’s mountains and valleys. During this tour, you will have the ability to witness some of the most incredible and beautiful vegetation you’ve ever seen in your life.


As you travel down both smooth paved and bumpy dirt roads, you’ll bare witness to flowers like the “Pride of Madeira” and the ancient Laurisilva forests, which grow only in two other spots on the globe.


Each spot on the island has a microclimate so it’s absolutely essential to dress for warm, cool and even windy weather – as it can change in a snap.


The laurel trees found in the Laurisilva forests here once grew across most of Southern Europe, but are now extinct and only survive here on Madeira, the Canary Islands and the Azores.


The jeep tour includes a guide who will tell you everything you need to know about each spot on the island, including the intricate details of the vegetation you come across.


Prepare yourself to be impressed and left almost speechless at the views and sights you’ll experience on your journey.


I promise there’s nothing like it in the world.