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A Remote Lunch In One Of Madeira’s Most Incredible Spots


In a small cove on the South coast of Madeira sits a spot known as Fajã dos Padres. Owned by the Jardim Fernandes family for generations, visitors can stop-in for lunch at their small restaurant or even rent a simple guest house located right on the pebbled beach facing the sea. A truly magical and delightful place, the turquoise water ebbs in and out through giant boulders while you devour fresh Black Scabbard fish battered to perfection and covered with local, sautéed bananas. After lunch, you can take the newly finished cable car to the top of the cliff where a taxi will transport you to your next destination. Fajã dos Padres, known for its unforgettable views and fresh produce (note figs, mangoes, sweet potatoes and more) – is pure bliss.