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Fashion Flashback | Dusty Menswear In Stockholm, Sweden

In Stockholm, Sweden, there are many opportunities to dress-up and meander around the city’s streets and public parks in search of relaxation. Just near the center of town, across an old bridge from the Grand Hotel, lies a little island called Skeppsholmen. The island is home to a beautiful park, museums and more. I stayed at the stunning Hotel Skeppsholmen while on my visit earlier this year and found myself heading towards the water’s edge one afternoon. I wore one of my favorite Finnish designers, Dusty. The brand is young and refreshing in a cluttered menswear landscape. I wore all black including a wide-leg wool trouser, an oversized cotton cardigan, a silk tee by Rick Owens and spectacles by Swedish eyewear designer Oscar Magnuson. This is one of my favorite past looks.