Fashion Hunter | Searching For A Lifetime Of Opportunities

Birds of prey are born hunters. They fly around, darting from tree to tree, searching for the right opportunity to make a move. Owls, hawks and falcons are all members of this group – their beauty effortless and magical. I am always impressed by their focus, determination and laser vision for what moves beneath them on the forest floor.

In Ireland, at the beautiful Ashford Castle, you can engage with the birds through a hunt and watch the magic unfold. My bird was incredible. He showed me exactly how to succeed, even when you face the possibility that your goal might be too far out of reach. He rested on my arm, patient, waiting for the right moment. And, in a flash, he seized the moment to soar through the air and bring back his reward. I stood and waited for him wearing a men’s skirt by Rick Owens, linen blazer by Gareth Pugh, a talon ring from Bedazzled – a Sweden-based jewelry brand and Chrome Hearts sunglasses provided by Ilori eyewear boutique in Manhattan.