The Food Of Fes | Sweet Ramadan

Visiting Morocco during Ramadan is an incredibly interesting and enriching experience. While most of the population is Muslim and adhere to the practice of fasting from sunrise to sunset, tourists have plenty of food at their fingertips. When sunset breaks during Ramadan, Muslims typically break their fast with sweet snacks, juices and soups called in a moment called “Iftar”. During Iftar, before your main dinner, you can indulge in some of Morocco’s most well known sweets – which are sinfully delicious.

One of my personal favorite items is Chebakia, which is a pastry made of strips of dough that are rolled into a shape that resembles a rose. The dough is then deep fried and glazed with a syrup made of honey and rosewater, and lastly sprinkled with sesame seeds. If you are in Morocco during Ramadan and experience Iftar, be sure to also try the harira (soup made of lentils and tomatoes), stuffed dates, almond briouats and the fresh squeezed juices. This experience is a wonderful bite of local culture.