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A Luxuriously Unique And Distinctly Nordic Business Class Experience From New York to Helsinki On Finnair

There’s only one airline that will take you non-stop from New York’s JFK airport to Helsinki, Finland. Sure, there are many options if you look at connection possibilities or alternate routes, but we all know, non-stop is better. On many routes, airlines that fly direct might not be considered “the best” or the most comfortable. But, between the United States and Finland, you won’t want anything more than what is offered and provided in Finnair’s incredible business class. Finnair, founded in 1923, has always been ahead of the curve. Maybe it’s simply the way of those who hail from Nordic countries, or maybe it’s just good business practices. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. The product speaks for itself.

Arriving on Finnair’s pristine A330-300 jet, you instantly know that the next eight hours are going to be good. Warm and genuinely friendly flight attendants, dressed to the nines in their crisp navy and white uniforms, offer you a fresh glass of orange juice or champagne. Why not? Storing bags overhead, you notice points of bright color and patterns that dot the inside of the clean, white cabin. Marimekko, the renowned Finnish fashion and homeware brand, has outfitted the entire space in tasteful pillows, blankets, mugs and amenity kits. The combination of wares from the beloved Marimekko collection and the stark aircraft interior, makes for an exciting and visually arresting moment while on-board. This is perfect for any design lover.

Shortly after takeoff, Finnair flight attendants meet your every need. Preparing for dinner is easy as you change into your wool socks, provided by the airline, and get lost in your personal, flat-screen entertainment system, outfitted with the latest TV shows and films. Menus, designed by Pekka Terävä, are handed out and warm towels are provided to clean the day away, freshening your hands for the gourmet meal ahead. The cuisine aboard Finnair’s flight is uniquely Finnish. Of course you can pre-order personalized options online ahead of your flight if you so choose or if your dietary needs require, but, if you don’t have time, there’s nothing to worry about. Baked Nordic cod, filet of reindeer, roasted chicken and more delight your tastebuds with each well-executed bite. There’s nothing but pure, clean food here. It’s obvious that only the best of ingredientes are used, as one would expect from a country where the environment has been an integral part of the culture for centuries. The baked cod fish is incredible, served with seasonal vegetables, cheeses, fruit and a selection of French and Austrian wines.

After a dessert of raspberry mousse, Finnish chocolate and tea, it’s the perfect time to turn your seat into a flat bed and drift away into the clouds. The seats in Finnair’s business class easily convert into large, comfortable beds that allow you to rest for the last hours in-flight. Warmly covered with a Marimekko comforter, sleeping here is easy. The flight attendants are well-trained and don’t raise their voices above a dull whisper during evening hours. This is something not common, even on many of the best airlines. But, here, it’s standard. As the sun slowly rises and the flight prepares to descend into Helsinki’s Vantaa airport, you’re gently awakened for your last meal of the flight, breakfast. Yogurt, pastries and smoked salmon are available to give you energy for the day ahead.

Touching down in Helsinki, you almost wish the flight would last just a few more hours. The entire experience, is truly magic. Even the most spoiled traveler will find charm, comfort and details aboard Finnair that show the care and thought they’ve put in to their luxury product. In a world filled with bad airline experiences and passengers who are getting increasingly impatient with lackluster service, it’s nice to know there is still a company in aviation who know how to “do it right”. Finnair is worth your time – even if your final destination is far from Helsinki.