The Best Meal In Chiang Mai


The Four Seasons Hotel Chiang Mai has a reputation – a fantastic one. I don’t think one person has stayed at this property that hasn’t left mesmerized and enchanted by its location, design, service and elegance. But, not many know that, even if you’re not a guest here, you can journey from central Chiang Mai for what I consider to be the area’s best dining experience – especially at their Sala Mae Rim restaurant.


I took a 20-minute cab ride into the rice paddies and found myself at the doorstep of the Four Seasons compound. Set on an elevated perch above the rice paddies, oxen traipsing through the water and small houses dotting the landscape – I was instantly taken. I was led-in to the indoor/outdoor dining space where the sun set over the hills and my dinner commenced.


The menu here proposes a very difficult decision for foodies looking to take-in Thailand’s famous Lana cuisine. Page after page, as well-curated as one might expect, unfolds options that are very difficult to choose from. In all seriousness, this is a problem as you almost feel a bit irritated that you can’t devour everything listed here. But, that is all the more reason to return.


I sampled specialties like: tom kha gai, gaeng massaman nua and poo ma sarm prig. The staff here are phenomenal, never missing a beat in the well-orchestrated delivery or timing of each dish brought to the table.


At the end of the meal I was sad to leave – with a desire to sink myself into a rice paddy and wait-out the night until morning when breakfast began. But, I resisted the urge.


For anyone in the area, make a stop here for dinner. It will be an undoubted highlight in your Thailand adventure.