The Only Luxury Hotel Worth Staying On Mahé | The Four Seasons Seychelles

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On the capital island of a remote Indian Ocean archipelago off the coast of Madagascar, The Four Seasons Mahé waits. Situated on one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen, with villas and public buildings cascading down the lush green hills to the sea – this hotel makes an instant visual impact as soon as you arrive. But, it’s not just the beauty that will captivate you here.

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The Four Seasons Mahé was the first Four Seasons property in the Seychelles and it remains one of the most famous in the world. 67 villas and 5 suites, all with infinity pools, act as your private haven within this compound.

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You can wake-up, peer out the endless glass and out to the sea just in time to catch a rainbow appear before breakfast. I stayed three nights here and was completely enchanted.

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The design of the hotel is perfect. Utilizing local materials and referencing Creole architecture that exists natively in the islands, the design element here is perfectly in tune with the environment.

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You’ll find a stunning mountaintop spa with huge treatment rooms with views of the sea and beach, a cliffside breakfast pavilion with delicious local and international fare, a beachside dinner and lunch spot serving some of the best seafood you’ll ever taste and a beach bar that is just in the right spot for you to move barely an inch for an oceanside cocktail and snack.

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Of course The Four Seasons is known for service and that is not any different on Mahé. The staff here is naturally warm, many who are from the islands and tend to stop and talk to you, wishing you a pleasant day or good morning.

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The front desk and concierge team work in tandem to help guests make the most of the resort and the islands. They’ll set-up a private driver for you to explore various art boutiques, make a dinner reservation somewhere special or even help you surprise a special someone on property with an intimate dinner or on-water experience.

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After flying a very long distance from New York, via Addis Ababa, on Ethiopian Airlines, I was ready to relax. I was welcomed with a bottle of champagne in my villa and one of the most beautiful fruit baskets I’ve ever seen – filled to the brim with tropical offerings from the island.

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My Sunset Villa was stocked impeccably. The living space was incredible, set-up with two queen beds draped in white linens. There was a living room with a sofa, a bar with Nespresso machine, snacks, beverages and more and even an entry way that allowed me to kick of my shoes and not drag sand from the beach into the space.

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But, my favorite element of the villa was the bathroom. I don’t think I’ve seen a sexier bathroom, flanked completely in glass with views of the forest and sea . The glass shower ebbed against the infinity pool where, if you were staying with a special someone, they could swim around and be a part of that experience.

I chose to dine within the property for two of the three nights. Each dinner was exceptional and focused heavily on seafood. But, one could embrace international dishes like homemade pastas, beef and more. I personally loved the catch of the day, as, what better place could I choose that plate for dinner? I’ve always been partial to carbohydrates, so I did indulge in a pizza for lunch one day. But, the absolute best lunch dish, especially on the beach, was the tuna basket. Ahi tuna paired with seasonal vegetables and rice make for an amazing snack midday.

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As a guest at The Four Seasons Mahé please take a moment and spend part of your day at the spa. The body scrubs and massages are stellar, and the outdoor showers, with views of the boulder-clad beach will take your breath away.

This resort is the true definition of paradise – period. There aren’t many other places that can compare and not many other places that are as effortlessly chic, yet still as comfortable. The Four Seasons Mahé is the only place to stay on the island – at least in my opinion.