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New York’s Luxury Bohemian Flower Source | Fox Fodder Farm

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Fox Fodder Farm is a floral studio in New York City, but one like you’ve never seen before. What feels more like a floral consultancy, this studio is made-up of nine people whose passion is flowers. We worked with them recently to help us conceptualize and design a few arrangements that we would use in a shoot for “The Ultimate New York Apartment”. After having an email exchange about the look and feel of the arrangements, the team ran with it.

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Fox Fodder Farm has worked with everyone – from Kith to Chanel, designing florals and floral atmospheres for unique editorial environments, events, private spaces and more. Their look, to us, is effortlessly chic, a bit “undone” and natural as to let the flowers tell a story that is special and reflective of whatever “moment” they are to enhance. What we loved about each arrangement they created is that they evoked a mood, and had a personality all their own.

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Even the vessels Fox Fodder Farm choose to house their arrangements in are special and not like anything else you’d likely see.

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Working with their team was easy and fun. Some of the arrangements featured dried varieties mixed with fresh blooms, lemons and more.

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You can tell that the designers at Fox Fodder Farm aim to evoke emotion with their arrangements. And, for anyone looking for something truly special, truly unique – Fox Fodder Farm is where to turn. FLowers - 9