A French Take On Sun Protection


Institut Esthederm is a Parisian skincare brand that loves the sun. With a wide range of sun-related products to suit everybody’s needs, they provide a comprehensive offering of protection, after sun care and face-forward formulations that utilize the latest innovations to enhance tans while challenging the usual effects of sun exposure. These products come together to create the perfect kit for a summer in the sun.

Bronz Repair

This cream is formulated for the face and neck, and helps your skin realize a bronze glow while simultaneously protecting it. This is not an outright sunscreen, but almost a sun adapter that encourages your skin to bring melanin to the surface, and strengthens it using patented ingredients.

Photo Regulateur

A high protection from the sun for those who have issues with pigment – this cream will help you create an even tan, yet never let the sun highlight color irregularities in your epidermis.

Repair Apres Soleil

A cream that treats your skin after it has seen too much sun, this product will sooth and calm burned or chapped skin.

Intensif Hyaluronic

This is a perfect serum with three different types of hyaluronic acid for a deep moisture barrier from the environment’s elements.

Intensif Propolis Cream

Utilizing propolis, collected from bees known for its antibacterial, calming and soothing properties, this cream hydrates and disinfects the skin to keep it hydrated yet clear. It’s one of our favorite new beauty and grooming discoveries.