Gazing At Gozo

Gozo, Malta - 1

The Maltese islands are made up of three main islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino. Each island is known for something different and offers visitors a varied look at the culture here. In fact, each island has its own culture, food variations and sights that are worth seeing. Malta is the busiest; Comino is the quietest and least populated – known for its summertime treasure – the Blue Grotto (not to be confused with the one in Capri). And, then, there is Gozo.

Gozo, Malta - 3

Gozo is a paradise for people who love nature, quiet towns, the sea and delicious seafood. It’s rocky cliffs and shores are prime for exploration – offering natural wonders, deserted salt pans, isolated beaches and stunning hamlets with just a few residents here and there. In fact, many Maltese have vacation homes here, as it’s only a quick 30-minute ferry ride from Malta.

I spent two days on Gozo and was led around by my amazing guide, Ms. Anna Grech Sant, who was a character of a woman and knowledgeable about everything on the island and beyond. We visited the ancient Ggantija Temples, the Citadel and the impressive Dwejra Arch, known as the “Azure Window”.

Gozo, Malta - 2

I was thoroughly impressed with Gozo – and felt very relaxed there. Aside from the slow pace, it was the natural beauty that captivated me and burned a lasting impression in my mind that won’t soon fade away.