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The Best Vodka In The World | Grey Goose

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There are some vodkas that stand out above the rest, some that live up to the hype around them and some that truly break the mold unlike any other in its category – Grey Goose does all three. Born in France and truly French in every way, Grey Goose has segmented every part of its creation and infiltrated it with such attention to detail, that only the best comes as a result.

Grey Goose Cellar Master François Thibault tends to every detail of the vodka’s creation. The winter wheat that is used to make Grey Goose, which comes from three farms in Picardy, France, gives the soft flavor and floral aroma in the finished product. The spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue lends purity and cleanliness to the taste. Each ingredient chosen and worked with, Mr. Thibault chooses himself. With decades of experience and learning, he is equipped to offer the world something truly special.

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Grey Goose is known for its pure, original vodka. The nose of the vodka is fresh, clear with a floral aroma accented with subtle citrus notes. The palate is smooth and rounded, soft with a hint of almond. And the finish is fresh and bright – going down without burn and effortlessly – which is a good and bad thing all rolled into one.

But, Grey Goose doesn’t just offer its original flavor. It has expanded to showcase flavored vodkas that highlight the best infusions and aromas for a discerning palate. La Poire blends the original vodka with the intense flavor of Anjou pears. Le Citron brings in the gorgeous flavor of fresh Menton lemons. Le Melon fills your mouth with bright Cavaillon melons – best served chilled. Fresh cherries and sweet red fruits and spice is what you’ll find in Cherry Noir. And, L’Orange is the zestiest and, to me, most delicious of the flavors – due to the crisp flavor of oranges bursting with every sip.

What makes Grey Goose great is not just the vodka but what the brand stands for. The French are known for their attention to aroma and the relation of aroma to flavor – Grey Goose captures this perfectly. Yes, it has a perceived high-end value due to the marketing behind it, but, the product is actually superior. It truly is the world’s best tasting vodka.

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