Postcards From Ireland | The Guinness Museum In Dublin

The Guinness Museum in Dublin sits quietly at St. James’s Gate, waiting to be experienced. It’s a natural tourist draw as Guinness is probably one of the most internationally famous names to come out of Ireland. The family’s beer has been consumed, dissected, studied and appreciated for centuries around the world. A “must-do” while in the magical town of Dublin – stop and spend an afternoon at Guinness’ brewery in the middle of the city.

Throughout a guided tour, you can glide, from floor to floor, learning about the intricate processes in the making of Guinness. You can learn how the malt, barley, hops and other ingredients all come together to make this special brew. Inside the historical buildings you’ll find original details as well as new, steel and glass additions that make an interesting and architecturally beautiful mix to experience. And don’t think this is simply a boring lecture. On the contrary, you can touch the hops, barley and barrels. You’ll even hear from those who played an important role in the history of the brand through a talking art gallery.

Of course, throughout the tour, you can stop and sample some of the award-winning beer. I recommend going in the later afternoon, when crowds are less and you feel as if you have the whole place to yourself. Even if you’re not into beer and its history in relation to Guinness, this is an experience that just makes sense. Would you visit Rome and not see the Colosseum?