The Perfectly Simple Shaving Kit For Traveling Men Everywhere | Harry’s

Harry’s is one of my favorite new shaving brands as they take the middle man out of the process and deliver a high quality product at a lower price directly to their consumers. Their straight-forward and simple shaving kits, like “The Winston” and “The Truman” offer gentlemen an intentionally limited option when choosing their preferred shave routine. Each kit comes equipped with handmade razor handles, razor blades, shave gel and moisturizer.

I recently received “The Winston” which included many new blades and a beautiful steel handle made by Harry’s partner craftsmen. The price of the entire kit, which also includes a bottle of shave gel, is only $25. It will last you a long time. I tried it out while traveling, using the straight razor to shave my chest and, ahem, nether regions. What I found was a superior product that left my skin soft and preserved, not bumpy and red.

I recommend Harry’s as the perfect “on-the-go” or at-home shaving kit for any man who is serious about the maintenance of his body hair.