The Best Mani/Pedi Nail Art Experience In SoHo | Haven Spa

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Haven Spa, located in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, is the top spot in the area for innovative manicures and pedicures – topped-off with truly beautiful nail art.

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The spa itself offers more than nail services, but that’s what I experienced. I entered from Mercer Street and made my way to reception where I was greeted warmly and immediately taken back to the nail area.

I had heard wonderful things about the spa, but had never experienced a manicure and pedicure there before. It exceeded my expectations. The nail area was unique in that you don’t need to move from station to station while getting a manicure or pedicure. Everything is located in the same spot.

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I was given a pedicure first, my legs calf-deep inside warm bubbling water to soak before my technician began. All the ingredients used from the oils to the tools, creams and lotions are high end – nothing cheap here. Over the course of 45 minutes she trimmed, cut, softened and buffed my feet to perfection, I was thoroughly impressed.

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Next, it was time for the manicure. I’ve seen the trend of men experimenting with nail art and I wanted to try out the craze which seemed yet another way to express oneself through art and fashion. Though women have been doing it for years, men have begun dabbling, too. And, as I was preparing to leave the next day for a work trip to The Caribbean – I felt like now was the time.

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My nails were cut, hands soaked, skin softened, cuticles trimmed and nails prepped for whatever art I chose that day. Since it was my first time, I didn’t want to go too crazy – so I chose to use hologram silver foil on my naked nail, which gave the nails a soft sparkle of varying colors in the light – very cool. I painted three nails on each of my hands in an effort not to overdo it. It turned out to be a very cool look. After my pedicure, I didn’t even have to move as a table folded into the wall came down and suddenly became a manicure station – easy breezy.

The staff at Haven was amazing and kind, and my technician/artist was beyond talented. For those visiting New York City, or if you’re based downtown – don’t miss what will likely be one of the best nail experiences you’ll ever have.

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