A look Into Frankfurt’s Half-Timbered History | A Visit To Hessenpark

Part of the Frankfurt am Main region is the area of Hesse which is rich in history and the preservation of its half-timbered house architecture. In 1974 Hessenpark was constructed, allowing you to explore over 400 years of that history. These endangered homes were once very common in the rural areas of the region. Hessenpark’s open-air museum preserved as many homes as possible throughout the area, going through great lengths to deconstruct them, move them and reconstruct them in this new location. It was all done to maintain the homes and prevent their demolition in favor of modern buildings.

Today you can come to witness this village and meander through the streets and the homes themselves. Many of the homes are furnished with original pieces found inside and others furnished with replicas. Each house offers a glimpse into life as it was for those across the Hesse region – in good times and bad. Hessenpark offers a hotel as well as several restaurants, bakeries and gift shops to enjoy.

For any fan of architecture, I would make Hessenpark a stop on your itinerary while in Frankfurt.