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Why Sleeping With Organic, Chemical-Free Bedding Is Better For Your Health

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Holy Lamb Organics, based in Oakville, a small town near Olympia, Washington, is the gold standard in organic, chemical free bedding. As people grow more conscious about their living environments and the environments they sleep in while traveling for work or pleasure, it’s important to know why the cultural shift towards purchasing organic, chemical free home décor products is happening. The reason it’s happening is because of the realization of dangers associated with emitted chemicals from everyday household items that are treated with chemicals and fire retardants. Studies are now linking the chemicals found in everyday household products with afflictions like Alzheimer’s, skin conditions, neurological and autoimmune disorders.

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Holy Lamb is a small company, but one that has garnered much attention for their commitment to offering natural bedding, which is sold nationwide through various retail partners, as well as their “no waste” manufacturing. They are based in a small general store, which was built in 1902, and operate with a commendable mentality that considers each step of their manufacturing. Holy Lamb chooses each vendor they work with, each material they source and can proudly say that their products are wholly made in the United States.

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As the company manufactures all their products by hand, which includes everything from mattresses to comforters, pillows to bath accessories, there are often leftover scraps of material that most manufacturers would send to the landfill. Holy Lamb reuses, recycles and composts this material. And, literally, nothing is wasted. Scraps are sent to schools for art projects, larger pieces are turned into other sellable products through their up-cycling program and the tiniest bits are composted. In fact, even their final products, which can be used for years due to their quality, can eventually be recycled and returned safely to the land from which the raw materials came.

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Sleeping with Holy Lamb products is really a guarantee of safety for your home, bedroom and living environment. They are not a large company that offers a green or eco-friendly line of bedding, but are masters of the entire green/organic movement, which has come to the forefront of the world’s conversations. Their showroom is chemical and scent free, and they use no plastic in their manufacturing. The company’s founder, Willow Whitton, has made it her life’s mission to deliver reliable, safe and conscious products to people’s homes and this, in all its benefits, is priceless. For anyone who truly cares about comfort and the peace of sleeping in a chemical-free bedroom, Holy Lamb is the only choice.

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