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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is unique – a city that will hit you like a ton of bricks – as soon as you set foot on one of its bustling boulevards. It’s busy, chaotic, beautiful, dirty and one of the coolest places in Asia.

Hong Kong

People here come at you at 100 miles per hour, so fast that you can no longer discern or care who they are, what gender they are or what it is they do. They are just a part of the fabric that makes-up the city.

Hong Kong

Every nook and cranny has the power to grab you, pull you in like a magnet.

Hong Kong

And, then, there are moments of peace, quiet, solace that can make you feel more still and centered that ever before.

Hong Kong


Templo de A-Ma

Ornate interiors.

Templo de A-ma

And unexpected surprises, like light shows, add comedy and uniqueness to every view you take-in.

Hong Kong Night

Hong Kong is magical.