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Aspen’s Top Luxury Hotel of 2021 | Hotel Jerome

Hotel Jerome is Aspen’s top luxury hotel of 2021, hands down. The historic property, part of Auberge Resorts, sits proudly at the heart of downtown Aspen, calling all who are familiar and those who are new to its legacy and comfort. I was a guest recently at the hotel and my stay couldn’t have been better. I’ve known the hotel for years, but hadn’t visited in quite some time, and now was time to return to see renovations that had been made as well as to experience the changes implemented since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

I was welcomed into the hotel by name, with a hotel driver picking me up at the airport. A thermos of freshly-brewed hotel chocolate met me at the door and check-in was both easy and speedy – which I love. One of the nice bellmen showed me to my room. As I glanced around the lobby, famed for its crackling fireplace and Western art, I felt immediately at home.

The hotel offered me a one bedroom suite, which felt more like my own personal apartment. The floor-to-ceiling windows that looked out over town and Aspen mountain were impressive. Inside the room was a cozy living room, dining area and coffee station – perfect for relaxing post-ski or shopping around town. 

Another thermos of hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows welcomed me into the room – and I couldn’t resist.

Hotel Jerome has made significant changes in their operations to keep guests safe during the pandemic. Everything has been modified to help people maintain social distance and there are sanitizing stations everywhere. Breakfast can be served in-room to minimize contact with others, which I opted for. My favorite breakfast every morning was the Jerome Breakfast, which was very American, with eggs, bacon, potatoes and avocado. Seasonal berries and coffee topped everything off. 

Hotel Jerome has gone through many iterations in its 132-year history. It always operated as a hotel, even from the beginning, and has seen guests from every background. One thing that has not changed in its many years of operating is its commitment to service – which is evident at every guest touchpoint. My room at the hotel was designed perfectly, offering large closets and a modern bathroom with details like marble, luxury bath products, robes and more. 

There was plenty space to stretch out and unpack, which is always a treat. 

Hermes bath products definitely elevated the experience and they were refreshed with every room cleaning.

My bed at Hotel Jerome was like a cloud. The room was outfitted with photography and soft fabrics. 

Each night, my bed was turned-down and I was able to cozy-up with my television and a book – and just drift off. 

Each morning I awoke to the light reflecting off the mountain’s snow, and views over Aspen as it woke from its slumber, too. 

My very favorite spot of Hotel Jerome, aside from the heated outdoor pool or even the modern fitness center, is The Living Room. Here you can order delicious cocktails and casual fare while sitting back in front of a crackling fire after skiing or a day out in the nearby trails. Of course Hotel Jerome offers J-Bar for cocktails as well or an elevated dinner experience at Prospect, but The Living Room gets all my love. 

I ate at The Living Room several times while in town and enjoyed everything from tuna tacos to the most delicious burger assembled from Colorado beef.

My favorite appetizer, without question, were the spicy-glazed boneless chick wings, which are literally life changing. How can I ever eat a normal chicken wing again?

Hotel Jerome is special. It’s not just the place to see and be seen, but it truly does feel like your home when you’re a guest here. Everyone seems to remember your name and privacy is paramount. It’s easy, but nice. It’s luxurious, but comfortable. The next time you’re headed to Aspen, stay here and you are guaranteed to leave with memories that last a lifetime.