Vienna’s Best Experiences | Indulging In A Slice Of Sacher Torte At Hotel Sacher

The Hotel Sacher is a five-star hotel located in the heart of Vienna. It’s famous for the specialty of the house, the Sacher torte, a chocolate cake with apricot filling. There is also an art gallery in the hotel with works from the 19th century and a storied past of famous guests. But, the Sacher torte is  the main attraction, as it has transcended centuries and traveled from Vienna to numerous locations across the globe.

The hotel was founded in 1876 as a maison meublée at the site of the demolished Theater am Kärntnertorby the restaurateur and k.u.k. purveyor to the court Eduard Sacher. His father, the confectioner Franz Sacher, had become famous for his Sachertorte, which he allegedly created for a reception given by Austrian State Chnacellor Klemens von Metternich in 1832. Eduard Sacher did an apprenticeship at the patisserie Demel and in 1873 opened his first restaurant on Kärntner Straße.

In 1880 he married Anna Sacher née Fuchs, who became hotel manager after his death. She quickly earned a reputation for both her commercial skills and her eccentricity, never been seen without her French Bulldogs and a cigar. Under her rule, Hotel Sacher became one of the finest hotels in the world, where the aristocracy and diplomats would meet. Today, much of the original hotel still remains and operates. But, visitors come far and wide to sit in the lobby or cafe and indulge in the warm, delectable chocolate torte.