A Historical Country Retreat In The Middle Of Stockholm | Hotel Skeppsholmen

On a small, vibrant island in the city center of Stockholm, Hotel Skeppsholmen has its home in two long buildings that were built in 1699 to house Sweden’s Royal Marines. Casually luxurious, ultra-modern, and historically protected, the hotel gives its visitors a taste of the old, a twist of the new, and a whole lot of charm. The historic landmark is paired with the very best of contemporary Swedish cuisine, art, design, fashion, and music, partnering with iconic brands such as Acne and Byredo. Ideal for both the active and the culturally curious guest, the quaint yellow building is next door to the renowned Swedish Museum of Modern Art and the fascinating Swedish Museum of Architecture. The area’s gorgeous antique ships and waterfront restaurants are also within walking distance.

Fittingly, the artistic theme chosen by multidisciplinary design and architecture firm Claesson Koivisto Rune for this Stockholm island hotel’s rooms and suites and its facilities is “fog.” The word aptly describes the interior’s soft color scheme, enchanting maritime surroundings, and peaceful atmosphere, which naturally lends itself to contemplation. Since Skeppsholmen is housed in an historic 1700s building, the rooms are an inspirational mix of high ceilings and sumptuous spaces with stylish modern interiors. Some of the suites reference the Swedish hotel’s waterside abode with names such as The Captain’s Suite, The Admiral’s Suite, and The Officer’s Suite. Cozy bathrooms come with singular Boffi basins and showers with integrated lighting. Surrounded by white light and solid colors, many guests report Skeppsholmen’s calming effect upon their senses.

Overall a stay at the hotel feels like being a guest at a country house belonging to a wealthy friend, but located in the middle of one of Europe’s most exciting cities. The service here is friendly and attentive, but not overly detailed. That’s okay. You don’t come to Skeppsholmen for access to the best concierge in town. Instead, guests make the hotel their retreat in Stockholm, a place to truly unwind and reconnect with their natural surroundings.