Florence’s Michelin-Starred Culinary Masterpiece | Il Palagio At The Four Seasons Hotel

A one Michelin-starred restaurant on the ground level of the Four Seasons Hotel Florence, Il Palagio is a testament to modern Tuscan cooking. With beautiful indoor and outdoor seating options, this restaurant is perfect anytime of year. You can sit in the fragrant gardens of the hotel during summer or the vaulted-ceilinged, art-filled interior of the hotel during winter. Il Palagio is the perfect place to come for a few hours and indulge in superb dishes prepared with exceptional ingredients.

At a recent meal in the garden, I was given a table with a fantastic view of the rose bushes and sculptures which dot the back lawn of the hotel. I was greeted by the restaurant manager and two servers who alternated in taking care of my table for the evening. A sommelier came in a moment’s time to offer a wine pairing – I chose all Italian varieties.

My meal began with an amuse bouche, something to prepare my palate for the meal ahead. Most everyone likes Italian food, so it isn’t difficult to ready yourself for a meal at Il Palagio. But, this restaurant is not ordinary Italian. The Tuscan cuisine is elevated and deconstructed – all in an effort to showcase the quality of the ingredients. Whether it’s local truffles, adriatic tuna, seasonal heirloom vegetables or raw Mexican chocolate, nothing but the best is presented by Executive Chef Vito Mollica.

Throughout my multi-course meal, I was deeply impressed by each and every dish. The beauty, the flavors – it all married together to make a very memorable experience. You can find a detailed menu here, which illustrates the talent of the chef and his team. For a true fine dining experience in Florence, you won’t find much better.