How To Keep Your Face, Skin And Feet Wrinkle-Free On The Go

Iluminage skin smoothing laser

Illuminage is a name in beauty that is resonating loudly amongst travelers for their unique and effective products that combat aging. The FDA-cleared Skin Smoothing Laser has the ability to fight fine lines and wrinkles – especially around the eyes and mouth. As a frequent traveler and someone who is constantly running through time zones, it’s important for me to stay abreast and aware of the latest in beauty – all in an effort to look and feel my best. Some products deliver on their promises, and some do not. I can tell you that Illuminage is one of the brands that delivers on their word.

The laser itself is beautifully designed, with the focus being on a handheld device that you will use to deliver pulses of laser light to your skin. The light penetrates the layers of your skin and stimulates your body to produce collagen – rebuilding and repairing any small scars, wrinkles and fine lines that are the first signs of aging. The device is compact, and easy to take on the road with you – which allows the opportunity to keep-up with the treatment you started at home.

Illuminage is, again, FDA cleared; which is a big deal for an at-home laser. Purchasing the device is more economical than purchasing packages of laser treatments through your dermatologist, and a definite time saver.

Iluminage pillow and socks

Illuminage not only offers the Skin Smoothing Laser, but bedroom accessories that turn your sleep into a total anti-aging experience. We’ve all heard the phrase, “Hustle smarter, not harder”, right? The Illuminage pillowcase and socks embody that term – working on your face and feet while you snooze. The Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase is soft, yet composed of copper fibers which are mixed with polyester. The copper facilitates the natural growth of proteins in your skin, which has been verified and studied in blind test across the globe.

Like the pillowcase, The Skin Rejuvenating Socks help smooth and repair the skin on your feet – which makes for a much better barefoot summer season ahead. These three products are my idea of a perfect kit that helps you look your best. Illuminage not only innovates in the field of beauty, but makes good on their promises as well.