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Fornasetti Is The Only Name You Need To Know For Incredible Home Fragrance

Fornasetti, the luxury home decor proprietors founded by artist Piero Fornasetti in Italy, offer you the very best in home fragrance through their incredible “Profumi” collection. These candles, at the top of their game in the luxury home fragrance market, offer beautifully painted lidded jars concealing a delicious candle that will burn for at least 60 hours. After the candle is finished burning, you can effortlessly clean the wax from inside and use the objet d’art as storage for toiletries, pens, a vessel for flowers or anything else you’d like to showcase.

What is special about Fornasetti is the legend. Piero began sculpting and painting the face of a woman he saw in a magazine in the early 1900’s, and became obsessed with creating and recreating it over and over again. This gave way to a home decor empire that is coveted by luxury consumers worldwide. We love the home fragrance collection because not only are the offerings beautiful, but scent your home or office through unique scents.

This photo features an exclusive Indian-inspired candle called L’Eclaireuse. It’s woodsy and spicy – yet soft and relaxed to put your mind at ease. You can find their candles at stores like Barney’s New York and through other retailers online.