Ireland’s Most Diverse Collection of Whiskey | Irish Distillers

Redbreast - 1

Irish Distillers is a Pernod Ricard brand, based in Ireland, that represents and distributes the most incredible Irish whiskeys across the globe. A representation of true artistry, craftsmanship, tradition and innovation – the Irish Distillers brands are untouched and incomparable to anything else. We worked with the team at Irish Distillers to assemble a rounded collection of whiskeys that represent Ireland and its whiskey-making heritage to be a part of a celebration event at the stunning Lismore Castle in Lismore, Ireland. They hand-selected some of their favorites and walked our guests through the tasting notes of the best bottles on offer.

Jameson Wiskey - 1

The weekend at Lismore Castle included a whiskey tasting. Irish people and true lovers of whiskey, the world over, take their product very seriously, so it was important for us to impart the history, brand heritage and tasting notes in each and every variety selected by Irish Distillers. We had twelve bottles on hand which included: Jameson, Jameson Caskmates, Jameson Crested 10, Jameson 18 Years, Powers Gold, Powers Johns Lane, Green Spot, Yellow Spot, Redbreast 21, Method and Madness Single Grain, Method and Madness Single Pot and Method and Madness Single Malt.

Jameson Whiskey - 2

To honor each and every whiskey we gave the guests a program that outlined the nose, taste and finish of each whiskey on offer. This was incredibly important to explain and educate them on the differences, some albeit subtle, of whiskey and the nuances involved in their making. Guests were led through each profile in-depth. If we were tasting Jameson they might come across a floral and peppery nose with a smooth finish. If we were tasting Jameson 18 Years they might notice an aromatic nose with a touch of wood, spicy toffee and a taste of nuttiness, gentle sherry and vanilla.

The unbelievable Redbreast 21 captured everyone instantly with aromas of tropical fruits and nuts, communicated with the palate through a taste of soft vanilla, sherry and fruit notes, and finished with oak and pot still spices.

Method Madness - 1

The Method and Madness brand offered three various bottles that ranged from single grain that had a nose of fresh pencil shavings, a taste of warm toasted oak and a finish of sweet cereal. The single pot was a hit with a nose of red licorice, a sweet fruit and spice taste and green tea finish. The Method and Madness Single Malt offered a nose of black licorice and succulent fruit, a taste of creamy honey and a finish of endless dark wood.

Method Madness - 2

Irish Distillers’ brands are all unique – offering lovers of whiskey and those who are just beginning to explore it a  range of flavors and profiles that help unravel the legacy of this spirit which has become an important part of Ireland as a country and brand. The collection is unique, diverse and will take you a long time to explore. Our guests at Lismore Castle were floored by the range on offer. Everyone walked away feeling more enlightened, educated, appreciative and a little tipsy.

Irish Distillers is the name and place to turn to when sourcing that perfect Irish whiskey brand that speaks to you. You really don’t need to go anywhere else.