An Irish Skincare Brand That Can Change The Health Of Your Underarms | Modern Botany

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Modern Botany is an Irish skincare brand that will change how you view the power of nature. With their headquarters situated on Ireland’s stunning Wild Atlantic Way, Modern Botany is in a prime location to deliver the best of what nature has to offer. Their range of products are handcrafted from the most powerful natural ingredients the world has to offer, and are made to work with your body on the deepest level.

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The brand is known for for their aromas an multi-purpose oils, but their award-winning deodorant is what dominates their range. Combining ingredients like witch hazel, lavender, coriander, cedar wood and clove – the product is a clear liquid that is easily prayed on your underarms and left to do its job. Unisex in fragrance, anyone can use the product, which helps eliminate odor and increases freshness.

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We hosted a beautiful event recently at Lismore Castle in Lismore, Ireland and each one of the 28 guests were given a bottle to try. With activities like kayaking, fishing and archery on the agenda over a three-day weekend, each person would be in need of some sort of underarm protection. Modern Botany became the go-to for this, and each person absolutely feel in love with the product. You must try it for yourself – especially the travel size fora all the jetsetters out there.