What To Do On The Island Of Dominica |Sailing

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Many islands in the Caribbean offer water sports, Dominica is not excluded from this. But, sailing around the island here is somewhat different than other islands in the area.

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The Caribbean and the Atlantic meet to make an interesting mix of water. You see shades of deep blue, turquoise, clear and other shades – all littered with tropical fish, coral and interesting sea creatures. Begin your trip in Portsmouth where you;ll jump on the boat and be taken around to see the cascading waterfalls nearby, the protected marine reserves and “Witch’s Hat” – a special rock formation that resembles just that.

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I sailed throughout these waters on an overcast day. Rays of sun came through the clouds, though, and seagulls and parrots fluttered around. With each corner I turned, the mountains grew greener and more rugged.

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If you’re traveling to Dominica, don’t miss the experience the island’s wet side. You might even see a sperm whale or a pod of dolphins hunting for dinner.