The Top Champagne Of 2019 | J. De Telmont

J. De Telmont

Founded in 1912, outside of Epernay, France, J. de Telmont is one of the last remaining familial champagne houses in the region. Founded by and currently still run by the Lhopital family, brother and sister Bertrand and Pascale manage the estate with three core principle in mind: conviviality, hospitality and sharing. The 82 acres in eight villages that make up the family’s vineyards are stocked with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grape varieties. And 30 of these acres are dedicated to organic production – an amazing accomplishment.

We hosted an elegant and intimate event recently at the beautiful Lismore Castle in Lismore, Ireland. We needed a champagne that was rich, elegant yet drinkable – one that was innovative and unique while not straying too far from the roots of champagne culture in France. Of course, we looked to J. de Telmont. The J. de Telmont vineyard offered the stunning Grande Réserve Brut – an elegant champagne marrying all three grape varieties. The flavor is soft, rich, subtly fruity and fresh. The aroma is of light shortbread with caramelized apples on the palate, and toasty bubbles.

Guests were welcomed to the castle with a Waterford champagne flute filled with J. de Telmont Grande Réserve Brut. The champagne not only added a layer of elegance, but set the tone for the weekend – one that was memorable, sweet and full of surprises.

J. de Telmont offers classic champagnes, vintage champagnes, Vintage Cuveés de Prestige, The Originals and The Heritage Collection. Each collection offers something different, varying flavor profiles and years of creation – where temperature, rainfall and other outside forces effect the finished product. From the house’s organic production, consumers can expect nothing but innovation and a delicious product steeped in history.