JetBlue Airlines | The Easiest And Most Comfortable Way To Get To Cartagena

JetBlue Airways, the well-known New York City based airline founded in 1999, is one of only two airlines that serve Cartagena, Colombia non-stop from New York’s JFK airport. The four hour and 32 minute flight is easy, especially with JetBlue’s commitment to transporting passengers from point A to point B as quickly, safely and comfortably as possible. Departing from the airline’s newly built T5 terminal, you are able to make your flying experience the best it can be with 36 food and beverage options and 29 retail shops to enjoy before takeoff. Even connecting to one of JetBlue’s other flights within the terminal is swift with a well-organized structure, which allows you to easily locate the connection. This is rare in many airport terminals across the country.

From New York’s JFK, La Guardia and Newark Liberty International airports, JetBlue serves destinations throughout the United Staes, the Caribbean, South America, Central America and Mexico. The airline makes an effort to select destinations which speak to both practicality and fun. Many of the locations JetBlue serves act as vacation spots for those craving warm weather, sun, culture and something new. Cartagena offers all of the above. JetBlue knew there was a need to serve the destination before any other carrier in the Northeast and saw a gap in the market a few years ago. They will soon also offer non-stop service from Fort Lauderdale’s International Airport to Cartagena, as well.

On board, especially in the “Even More Room” rows one through five, wide leather seats offer comfort and plenty of room to stretch-out and relax. As many know, JetBlue provides passengers the option to utilize free WiFi and Direct TV on-board. There are plenty of opportunities to keep busy and entertain yourself for the duration of the flight. JetBlue truly understands what passengers need and want on-board. Like any other low-cost carriers in today’s aviation market, JetBlue does charge for blankets, headphones and other “extras” – but we can’t expect to have it all, sometimes. You can always avoid those charges by planning ahead.

Overall, JetBlue is a pleasant flying experience. It’s familiar, friendly and easy. It’s not often that many low-cost carriers can claim these characteristics. JetBlue feels like a family airline, approachable and one you can trust. If you’re taking advantage of one of their many new and existing routes, make sure Cartagena is one of them – the airline serves the Caribbean city every day of the week but Wednesdays. You won’t regret the choice to zip-down to one of the most sexy and charming cities South America has to offer. And, to boot, you’ll enjoy getting there just as much as the city itself.