New York’s Top Nail Experience | Jin Soon

Jin Soon Nail salon

Jin Soon, is a cult favorite in New York. But, why? Because it really is the best. With locations throughout New York, and one cute and cozy one in the West Village, Jin Soon churns-out some of the best manicures and pedicures in town. Whether you indulge in a milk and honey pedicure, or a manicure that includes expertly designed nail art, you can’t go wrong.

Men and women both enjoy the services here and they’re fully customizable. I was a recent client here and spent an hour enjoying a simultaneous milk and honey mani/pedi combo. What a moment. As you enter Jin Soon’s West Village location, you can’t help but be charmed – it’s adorable, and clean. In the front, you’ll see a few manicure stations and, around the corner, you’ll enter the back portion of the room where the four pedicure stations sit. This is beyond refreshing, as many New York nail salons are packed to the gills with people.

Jin Soon Nail salon

The milk and honey manicure and pedicure is, for lack of a better word, amazing. Soaking your hands and feet in a warm milk bath scented with rosemary – you’re already off to a good start. Over an hour, your feet soften and the expert therapists, many who hail from Nepal, work their magic to clean every corner and angle of your nails. Scrubs, masks and thick, luxurious creams all make an appearance. In the end, you’re left with soft, clean and perfect hands and feet.

You can opt to use polish if you choose, Jin Soon is known for their own amazing customizations, or keep it natural – which I did. After an experience here, you won’t go anywhere else.