Where To Eat In The Willamette Valley | JORY Restaurant At The Allison Inn And Spa

In Oregon’s Willamette Valley, just outside of Portland, there are many options when choosing a memorable culinary experience. But, one restaurant stands out above the rest, JORY¬†at the Allison Inn and Spa. The restaurant was named after the rich and fertile soil found in the valley, which is ideal for growing pinot noir grapes. And the soil is an important element in your dining experience here. The farm to table cuisine is a reminder and homage to all bountiful that comes from the local earth, which, for diners, only amplifies their experience and excites their tastebuds throughout their meal.

The space, dressed in earth tones with hints of blues, reds and copper, looks out onto the property of the hotel. JORY actually produces their own wine as well as importing international varieties. But, the focus here is on local wines which are hailed as some of the very best from the region. Their 800-label cellar is a treasure trove for those who truly want a wine-filled experience.

Welcoming staff members greet you at every corner in the restaurant, paying close attention to detail. Are you comfortable? Can I get you anything else? They do an excellent job of caring for you at JORY. The lunch menu at the restaurant is well-curated, offering both savory and sweet options to enjoy.¬†Executive chef Sunny Jin, an alum from Napa’s French Laundry, has assembled a menu that will make an impression.

On the menu you might find items like: heritage pork pappardelle, grilled halibut on ciabatta, grilled wild salmon salad, Pacific paella and more. Desserts are stellar with offerings like: brown butter madelines, honey and buttermilk panna cotta or seasonal fruit. They’re all delicious. What I like most about JORY is that although the food is satisfying with intense flavors, it’s not heavy and will not have you leaving overstuffed.

For anyone visiting the Willamette Valley, whether overnight or for only the day, JORY must be on your itinerary. It’s only fair to experience the best when you’re already in one of the best and most beautiful regions in Oregon.