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Bergen Shopping | Juhls Silvergallery

Juhls Silver Gallery is my absolute favorite place to find unique and well-made local gifts in Bergen. An expertly curated offering of pieces sourced from around Norway and the northern region of Lapland, Juhls is essentially a shoppable art gallery owned and operated by the Juhls family who have maintained a silver workshop in Lapland and retail locations in Bergen, Oslo and Lapland.

Located in the charming area of Bryggen, Juhls is a treasure trove of interesting items that offer a look into the region’s culture and craft, which sets it a part from other destinations. The artists/owners have set-up areas of the gallery which showcase their beautiful silver pieces made in Lapland. Most of the silver is jewelry and is influenced by Lapland’s snow and ice climate, which have made it one of the most untouched areas in Europe. You’ll find pieces that reference landscapes often found in the arctic, with an unparalleled quality of craftsmanship and design.

Aside from the beautiful jewelry and silver pieces, shoppers can locate specially made items like decorative knives – made by the Sami people of Lapland who use reindeer antler, bone and special birch trees to construct the most beautiful pieces. Other local artists have also been chosen to sell their work here. Juhls has focused on quality, and that’s what you can expect to find in the store. Every item offered is a true piece of art, as well as functional. For any lover of locally made art and artifacts that resonate strongly with design conscious individuals, Juhls is fantastic.