New York’s Only Aesthetician To Visit For Glowing Holiday Skin


Karine Kazarian is the go-to skin guru for the winter season, especially during hectic holiday travel time. A true artist in her approach to skincare through the famed French product line, Biologique Recherche, Karine will literally have you glowing brighter than a twinkle light on a Christmas tree. Enter her downtown New York City sanctuary and be transformed into the best version of yourself.

Located on West 8th Street in Manhattan, Karine will invite you inside for a warm cup of tea and a chance to kick your feet up and relax for a bit. But, it’s not all about relaxing here, as Karine is very serious about your skin. After a thorough analysis of your epidermis – including pinpointing your problem areas (i.e. tiredness, dehydration, wrinkles, etc.), she will write you a skin prescription and get to work.

Inside one of the treatment rooms, your face will be cleansed and treated with Biologique Recherche’s award-winning Lotion P50, which exfoliates and tones your skin to perfection. She will them use various masks, serums and treatments to work the skin into tight, dewy perfection. She specializes in the manual lift technique, which consists of pinching and molding your muscles around your facial bones, enhancing firmness and elasticity.

At the end of your treatment, Karine will use a machine that sends currents through your facial muscles, causing them to tighten and contract – making sure you leave the room looking 10-years younger. The word “facial” doesn’t do this treatment justice, and Karine is so much more than an aesthetician. She really has the power to help you realize your skin’s best potential.