Where To Stay In Merzouga | Kasbah Leila

Pulling off the dusty road in the middle of nowhere and into the entrance of Kasbah Leila, you feel as if you’ve reached a mirage on the edge of the Sahara Desert. A small but luxurious hotel hanging on the edge of the dunes, Kasbah Leila is comprised of a few rooms inside their main lodge and several outdoor rooms with large beds, colorful decor and hot showers.

Please keep in mind, you are in the middle of no man’s land here. But, Kasbah Leila doesn’t let that stop their efforts in pleasing guests. Beautiful Moroccan meals are made with fresh ingredients. Nightly drumming is a regular thing as echoes of the beat bounce off the sand and into the night sky. Stars are as bright as you’ve ever seen, and your hosts are most hospitable.

Kasbah Leila makes a traditional camping experience wonderful (for those who don’t like the idea of a tent in the desert). This is a place for those more pampered in their ways, but still want to connect with nature’s extreme beauty. The hotel will satisfy you from start to end.