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A Killer Yacht Ride With Killer Shrimp In Marina Del Rey

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Killer Shrimp, the iconic restaurant situated in a beautiful 5,000 square foot space overlooking the crystalline waters of Marina Del Rey, should be at the center of your tip to the area. Why? Well, aside from the delicious food – namely the “killer shrimp” that has a cult following in Los Angeles, the venue offers visitors the opportunity to venture-out into the water on a beautiful yacht, owned by the venue’s owner and CEO Kevin Michaels.

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Killer Shrimp is a casual place with legendary history. American rock musician Lee Michaels created the recipe for killer shrimp that he cooked exclusively for family dinners and for friends. The recipe was such a hit amongst his inner circle, the family decided to market it and center a restaurant on the idea.

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For over 20 years, throughout various locations, Killer Shrimp has been a staple in the Los Angeles community and, now, commands attention from the shores of the marina.

Yacht - killer shrimp restaurant

Of course any visitor to Marina Del Rey can stop-in, grab a beer and order an incredible pot of steaming shrimp or, one of my favorite dishes, the cauliflower hot wings. But, if you want the entire Killer Shrimp experience, you’ll let Kevin take you out on his boat. The restaurant will cater a brunch, lunch or dinner for you – outfitting the yacht with all the trappings for you and your hungry guests.

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A customized route is possible – whether it’s just a couple hours up the coast past Santa Monica and Venice to Malibu; or out for an entire day to Catalina Island.

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We joined Kevin and his crew for a ride, on a sunny morning, on the water. Killer Shrimp provided coffee, homemade pastries, juice, snacks and more for us to nosh on while out and about. We could see dolphin jumping alongside the boat, while peering over the coastline all the way to Downtown Los Angeles. It was a perfect trip.

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For anyone visiting Marina Del Rey, and for anyone looking for a truly delicious and unique experience in Los Angeles, don’t miss this.

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Most people who visit the area forget how incredible the water is, and Killer Shrimp will remind you of just how great it is with a side of incredible seafood.

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