Where To Eat In Dubrovnik | Kopun

Sitting in a small space and spilling out onto a limestone terrace in front of the stately St. Ignatius church in Old Town, Dubrovnik, Kopun Restaurant is an amazing choice for traditional Croatian home cooking with a modern spin. The restaurant, famous outside of this walled city for their “Kopun” or castrated cockerel (a type of rooster), which is braised in orange and honey, will make your taste buds jump with excitement. The dish is perfectly salty and perfectly sweet, and the rooster (which tastes just like chicken, I promise) is tender and moist.

Other dishes include traditional dishes with emphasis on seafood, local Croatian wine and most all of it is constructed with organic produce. The atmosphere at Kopun is casual, since it’s a family-run place, and you can feel that in the air. I suggest an evening here to take-in the impressive and historic views, and enjoy some of the best local cooking you can find in Dubrovnik.