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South Africa’s Most Deliciously Enchanting Restaurant | La Colombe

La Colombe -1

Tucked-up into the beautiful Silvermist Winery, in the affluent suburb of Constantia, La Colombe is a shrine to the art of cooking, the grace of presentation and the efficiency of excellent service. A true institution of Cape Town, La Colombe cannot be compared. Lunch here is not a short event, and that’s a good thing, as course after course of the most perfectly proportioned food dazzles diners from around the world.

La Colombe - 4

I’ve been a guest at the restaurant for several occasions and I cannot get enough. Chef Scot Kirton is acclaimed, yet, but what happens here is on another level. There is always something changing at the restaurant to keep it fresh and interesting. Whether it’s your welcome to the place, a particular dish or wine pairings – the culinary team is not afraid to evolve and take a chance, which leads to great reward for diners.

La Colombe - 6

My favorite time to eat at La Colombe is lunch. A late lunch is best when the sun begins to sink and the day becomes cooler. The restaurant, always busy, thins out and you have an unobstructed view over the vineyards. If you plan to dine at La Colombe, plan on three hours to linger and indulge in what is presented. The wine pairing is a must and is so expertly chosen, that you won’t believe how fantastic each sip with each bite tastes.

La Colombe - 3

There’s always a surprise around every corner in Cape Town with new restaurants openings and international chefs staking a presence there. But, La Colombe is a destination unto itself. You’ll realize this by dessert, and begin counting your days until your next visit. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the restaurant because, if you do, it would be like traveling to Cape Town and missing Table Mountain.

La Colombe - 2