La Cuisine Restaurant At Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris

Chef Hans Zahner invites you to La Cuisine, the Michelin starred restaurant at the beautiful Hotel Royal Monceau in Paris. And, if you like good food, you should accept his invitation. I dined in the modern and gracious space for lunch recently. When you enter the restaurant you instantly get the feeling you’ve arrived to an immaculately clean and well-designed dream space – fit only for the most delicious and beautiful food in the city.

Lunch in the dining room allows you enough time to notice the thought-out decor, imagined by Philippe Starck, which includes an open kitchen plan with gleaming surfaces and staff dressed in crisp white uniforms. The tables are set perfectly, some private booths have fabulously oversized silver domes that reflect soft light to give each diner the perfect glow. If appearance and lighting is important to you, this restaurant has your back.

The food during my lunch included: an amuse-bouche of crab, blue lobster salad, white fish laced with truffles and dessert by famed pastry chef Pierre Hermé. It all dazzled me. The flavor profiles and presentation were unparalleled. Macarons came in varieties like rose, foie gras with fig and orange. They were all interesting, creative and delicious. I managed to stuff two slices of king’s cake into my mouth before running to my next engagement. Truthfully, I wish I could have spent another few days lunching at La Cuisine with the multiple options that enticed me. But, I take comfort in the fact that there’s always next time.