Where To Eat In Ferrara | Le Nuvole

A small, bright trattoria in the center of historic Ferrara, Le Nuvole is a memorable dining experience for those looking for authentic and homemade Italian cuisine inspired by the rich Emilia-Romagna region. Le Nuvole is unassuming until you walk through the front door. Immediately, you’re taken by the whitewashed tables, small potted flowers in the windows and fresh bread peeking out of baskets along the kitchen’s countertops.

Sitting at one of the wooden tables, you’re instantly welcomed with a glass of lambrusco by Elisabetta or Pier Paolo, the owners. The menu here might cause a bit of stress and anxiety though, as each dish reads better than the next. The pages are packed with mouthwatering options – many infusing ingredients from the nearby Adriatic sea. Clams, fish, muscles and other gifts from the water are on offer. Regional specialties like butternut squash-stuffed ravioli flavored with butter and nutmeg can also be found.

Le Nuvole, which means “the clouds” in English, provides an environment to sit and stay a while. Glass after glass of wine melts into more conversation and food. The desserts here are sinful, the semifreddo being my personal favorite. Le Nuvole can’t be missed if you’re a visitor to Ferrara for that would be quite a big mistake.