The Best Underwater iPhone Case For Selfies


Lifeproof is a brand you need to know when traveling. For anyone who is glued to their phone and has a desire to capture every moment, in and out of water, their cases are pure perfection for adventure seekers. Whether on a sailing trip, skiing holiday or mountain climbing expedition – their cases will protect your phone from water, snow, ice, falls, scratches and any other element you can imagine.

I recently took my Lifeproof case with me to French Polynesia for my Apple iPhone. With plans to swim with sharks, snorkel through coral reefs and hike steep mountains in Moorea – I was understandably concerned about damaging my phone. During my 10-day adventure, my phone never left my side and never made it out of the case. It allowed me to free dive up to 6 feet without worrying about water damage and, if my phone fell while hiking, it wasn’t a problem.

I returned to New York with a perfect phone – having nothing to show but stunning pictures from my adventure. If you’re an adventure traveler or just an “average Joe” looking for real protection for your mobile device (they make cases for other brand’s devices ,too), Lifeproof has you covered.